over 40 years of experience

We treat each lamp, fixture or sconce as if it was our own.  Safety is our priority. That’s why we’re UL Certified! If we wouldn’t put it up in our own home, we’ll work on it until we would.

Once we complete a repair project, it will last for years to come.

We rewire most lamps, fixtures and sconces, even fixtures from Europe.

It is important to note that we do not give quotes over the phone. It is vary hard to know exactly wrong with your piece without seeing it.  The best way to get a repair estimate is to bring in your piece. Often times, we will tell you the cost to repair on the spot. In some instances, we may need a little more hands on investigating.

If you have more than one fixture, please bring in both. Even if you have two identical lamps, each one is unique and we take our time to go through things.

Please fill out the form or call if you have any questions.
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