I would say the challenging ones that we get are fixtures that, come in from Europe. Europe is very different than than the United States, for many reasons. But how they do things electrically, your voltage is different. So you’re going from 220 volt up to 110 volts.

So the wattage is different, but a lot of how they hang fixtures or sconces can be difficult to adapt to American. Those are challenging. But we do that quite often. A lot of our designers and decorators, they do buy from Europe cause they do have really nice, beautiful pieces that work well.

But a lot of the challenging ones, come, that are old or antiques that are made really well. You have the old cloth jacket wire, that’s been sitting in there for, hundred years, gets stuck, getting wires, stuck out of, in inside the arms and you kinda have to go in and dig it out.

Those are pretty much pretty challenging. But there’s really nothing we can’t get through. There’s always a way around it, they had to get the wires in there somehow, so they have to come out. So it’s a matter of knowing what you’re dealing with, how to do it and the correct ways to do it.

But, so I wouldn’t say there’s one that’s more challenging than the other. They have their own challenges.