Finding the Perfect Living Room Lamp

Finding the perfect living room lamp

Decorating or renovating your living room can be pretty exciting. You can play around with different color schemes and try out numerous aesthetics to see what feels right. As enjoyable as it is, living room décor can quickly become overwhelming when you’re confronted with a massive variety

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How Do I Know if a Vintage Electric Lamp is Safe?

Vintage Electric Lamp

There you are shopping in your favorite thrift store looking for great vintage items. A lamp catches your eye. It is attractive and the wiring looks safe and relatively new. You take it home and use it, and as soon as you plug it in and turn

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Do I DIY a Rewire or Not

Do I DIY a Rewire or Not Antique lamps are lovely items, but they are not always easy to maintain.  Over time, you may have any number of issues. You may be introducing a new bulb to the lamp and find the lamp is not equipped for

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How to Choose the Correct Light Bulb

How to Choose the Correct Light Bulb Choosing a lightbulb should not be a complicated process. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, it can cause some confusion. Wondering whether or not to opt for an LED, thinking of which watt is best, and considering what

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