How Do I Know if a Vintage Electric Lamp is Safe?

Vintage Electric Lamp

There you are shopping in your favorite thrift store looking for great vintage items. A lamp catches your eye. It is attractive and the wiring looks safe and relatively new. You take it home and use it, and as soon as you plug it in and turn

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We Are Proud to Be UL Certified

Ul Certified

When you buy a product or service, you want to feel confident that what you are purchasing is safe and high quality. Sometimes you take a chance. You may not know if you will be happy with your purchase until you actually use it. But if you

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Four Common Lamp Repair Problems

4 Common Lamp Problems

When a lamp breaks, some of us may choose to run out and get a new one. However, if your lamp is a family heirloom or a vintage piece, parting with it will not be so easy. Fortunately, there are lamp repair shops that are available to

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