That’s a great question. We get that asked often. We try to keep the natural patina of a lamp or fixture or sconce. It’s, it brings the character out of the fixture. And we don’t wanna ruin it. I know some people, they’ll say, can I use brass polish? We don’t recommend it.

We’re not saying not to we, we wouldn’t do it just because if you do, you have to be very careful. with what you’re using and making sure you get whatever you’re using off of it. Because in time it’ll tarnish, it’ll, show up green or blue or you could burn through the brass plating.

So we’re very careful when it comes to restoring on the outside of a fixture or a lamp or a sconce. We’ll often, wash it down and wax it with a butcher’s wax or like a pledge wax, it’s to protect the material on the outside so that the oxygen doesn’t get to it and tarnish it over time.

So we are very careful with how we do things, and we’re very specific about that when to our customers because we just don’t want to ruin their piece. We want to make sure that it stays, it’s clean and it looks, like it should, it’s gonna look old, but it’ll look good looking old.