That is one of those things I’ve learned from my father. He’s seen a lot and he’s worked with very expensive, Tiffany lamps really expensive fixtures, glass. So there’s certain ways that we do try to protect the integrity of the outside of the lamp when we’re restoring it electrically.

We’ll often use gloves, we’ll use gloves before just trying to keep making sure that our fingerprints don’t get on the finish of the metal. We’ll use rubber pieces to kinda help us get bolts off. We try not to use anything that would leave marks if it’s necessary, we may have to use like a heat from a torch to get things off.

But there’s things that we do to protect. The fixture so that, the finish doesn’t burn or the finish, this doesn’t get ruined or the wires don’t get burned. So we are very careful with how we do our restorations and we take extra care when we’re working with more expensive things.

Even just non-expensive things. We just, we, that’s just what we do. We just protect the fixture as we do it, as we repair it. And just being careful to make sure that nothing gets bent. So yes, there’s a lot of things that we have to focus on, but in turn, it all coincides and we, it just, it works well how we do it and we’re very careful with how we do it.