That’s a great question. I’ll oftentimes believe it or not, I’ll ask my father Paul, who has got a wealth of information knowing Kind of era of what those lamps, what that lamp came from, or where it came from, or type of glass that people bring in. He’ll know, just based on how it was made.

So he’s got a wealth of knowledge, of knowing where things came from. But oftentimes I look online on the internet, just try to find some sort of stamp mark that’s, on the lamp itself just to see what it looks like or, where it was or what it’s from or the age of.

but you really, like anything, you really don’t get a clear answer that you’re looking for. You always find different things, so you narrow it down to a time period. So that’s often what we’ll do is, we’ll, it’s probably from the 1930s, pre 19 hundreds, or late 18 hundreds art deco, stuff like that.

So we know the era of certain things.