The sources have changed throughout the years, like most people have had dealt with in their own businesses and companies. Way back when my father first started, Chicago was one of the main hubs of electrical parts or just manufacturing alone. There’s two big companies Frederick Cooper, which had a huge factory.

Located close to where we are. And even Stifel was made here in Chicago. All those lamps you can still find around the parts have been have been hard to find it lately. But we have our sources that we do get the reproduction parts. We try to provide our customers with the better quality of parts.

instead of putting in something that we know would, start a fire or short out a break. We don’t install those. We try to install better versions of those. Our sources have changed throughout the years and they continue to change, but we’re always looking for new people that want to, do business with us or where we can get certain parts.

And that’s a hard part to come around. Finding parts just, locating them sometimes or out of manufacturing. So it’s difficult, but we do have, a few solid sources that we use to locate our parts.