I would say do your homework, know what you’re working on, and just be very careful with how you’re doing it. At a lamp and fixture, we try to do everything as if it was UL listed. Safety comes first. And then we work on the aesthetics. So making sure that your electricity, what your hot neutrals are know what your building codes are.

If you have to have codes , if you’re in a different country, know what your different country codes are. But just knowing your homework, getting a list of materials you’ll need sources you’ll use for parts. And just getting out there and knowing, your customers, what your market would be and who you’re gonna go towards.

If you’re just doing repairs or if you’re doing, you’re gonna sell things or just be very careful with where you’re buying parts as well. It’s because one part’s cheaper doesn’t mean it’s the best. So just knowing your materials, knowing what you’re working with and you’ll do good things.