So coming to a lamp and fixture, you’ll know what you’re getting. You get what you pay for. So we put the best quality care in your lamp or fixture. Most of the cases, they’re passed down from generations and generations, two or three generations of taking good care of quality lamps that you can’t buy today.

So we’re gonna take care of these things just as if it’s our own being put up in our house. So just know that we will give you back your lamp in superb condition, great condition. We’ll review over what you’re gonna do with your lamp, what it’s gonna be fixed what needs to be fixed or what doesn’t need to be fixed.

So you’re gonna be getting back a lamp that’s gonna last you another 50, 70 to 100 years that you can pass on to your generations. We also have a wide variety of lampshades. We have a lady who hand sews our lamp shades. You can bring in your own fabric and material. We can do some custom shades that way for you so you’re not just getting a lamp, but you can also get a beautiful shade to go with your old antique lamp.