Vintage Lamps

Decorating Hanging Lantern Lamps In Wooden Wicker Made From Bamboo.asian Style.pendant Light With Wicker Lampshade, Rustic Style.

Those who stay on top of interior design trends know what comes around goes around. Vintage looks cycle through so what was popular decades ago may become hot again today.

When it comes to lamps, there are several styles that will give your décor a retro-modern look. Here are some that will make the perfect addition to your interiors.

Victorian Gas Lamps

These lamps go way back. Their classic style brings the ideal amount of elegance to the table lamp space. The olive-lime green lamps are a terrific tribute to the smoked glass look that is currently trending. They are made from a variety of materials including wood, glass and brass. You are guaranteed to find one that complements your design.

Anglepoise Lamps

Two Vintage Anglepoise Lamps Grey InteriorAnglepoise Lamps are the spring-loaded positioning lamps like the picture to the left. These desk and table lamps are timeless due to their ability to adjust into a variety of positions. Their convenience, and their retro modern look makes them ideal for any home or office space. Their sleek appearance makes the perfect complement for a variety of décor options. These lamps are still in production. However, nothing beats the weathered look of a vintage model.


Rattan has been used in furnishings for years, but it is becoming more popular due to the eco-friendly movement. It is the wood of a world climbing palm. That makes it an all-natural material that will not cause harm to the environment. It has a great neutral color that will go with just about anything in your home. It can be used for lamp bases or shades.

Art Deco

The Art Deco style became popular just before World War II. It combines modern styles with rich materials and exceptional craftsmanship. It incorporates bold geometric forms that are currently being celebrated in today’s design trends. It is integrated into lamp styles with stained glass shades, tiered designs and unusual shape features.

Postmodern Lamps

Postmodern décor saw its heyday from 1970 to 1990. It represents a rebellion against the minimalist concepts of modern design. It uses similar sleek lines but added unconventional ideas embracing playful ideals. Many resemble abstract sculptures. The mushroom lamp is a popular postmodern piece. It is known for is smooth, semi-circular top and stump-like base. Postmodern lamps are perfect for contemporary, industrial and minimalist interiors.

Lamps with Metallic Elements

Metal is big in lamp design with a focus on warmer tones like brushed and polished brass. High shine and matte looks pair well with marble, wood and plush velvets. This makes for a refined and sophisticated appeal. Metallic was often incorporated in Victorian lamps making them much sought-after additions for today’s decors.

Vintage lamps are making a splash in contemporary trends. They bring the perfect blend of old and new. That makes for a standout appearance in homes and offices. How will you be backdating to update your rooms’ designs? Contact us today for your lighting needs.