Signs you need repairs for vintage lamps

Vintage lamps are the perfect way to accessorize your bedroom, corridors or even the living space. They add a spectacularly chic look to the room while also brightening it up. However, due to their old make, vintage lamps often need some repair work to maximize their performance and life span.

Signs You Need Repairs for Your Vintage Lamps

Below, we have mentioned some significant signs that indicate that your vintage lamps may need some servicing from anexperienced lamp repairs team.

1. Flickering Light

Flickering light isn’t just a sign of the bulbs going out; it could also be because your vintage lamp is malfunctioning. Light flickering could be because of multiple reasons. If the switch contacts inside your lamp are going bad, the flickering will be paired with a distinct crackling sound.

Additionally, if you notice the bulbs constantly flickering, that is a sign of loose wiring in the circuit or your breaker panel. Regardless of the cause of flickering, it is best to leave your vintage lamp repairs to the experts. Our well-trained repairs team at A Lamp and Fixture Corp is adept in identifying any signs of damage to your vintage lamps and fixing them up right away.

2. Compromised Fabric Wiring

All vintage lamps dating back to the 1960s come with fabric cloth wires. While this outdated wiring method works pretty well in good condition, it could pose a serious threat if any frayed ends. Compromised fabric wiring can cause electric shocks when you try to turn on the lamp. It should also be treated as a fire risk and thus needs to be repaired ASAP.

If you notice your lamp wires looking brittle or worn out, call our repair team and get them inspected immediately. They will guide you on whether the wire can be repaired or need replacing.

3. Tears in the Shades

Vintage lamps are often quite delicate due to their old age, increasing the odds of it developing tears in the shades. This diminishes the aesthetic appeal of your lamps, resulting in the whole room looking shabby and unkempt. It will also reduce the value of the vintage lamps if you plan to sell them later on. All of this can be avoided if you get vintage lamp repairs from A Lamp and Fixture Corp.

4. Damaged Electrical Cords

A Lamp and Fixture Corp. brings over 40 years of expertise to your lamp desk, ensuring all your vintage pieces receive the maintenance services they need to continue working for years to come. We work hard to repair each lamp or light fixture to its best possible condition after a thorough analysis to target all problem areas. Furthermore, we are UL certified, so you know your vintage lamps are in reliable hands!

Ready to get your lamps repaired for a brighter, better performance? Arrange a contactless pick up or drop off today!