Finding the perfect living room lamp

Decorating or renovating your living room can be pretty exciting. You can play around with different color schemes and try out numerous aesthetics to see what feels right. As enjoyable as it is, living room décor can quickly become overwhelming when you’re confronted with a massive variety of furniture and fixtures.

One of the key components of your living room furniture is the lighting. Adding floor lamps or table fixtures can tie together the entire room’s look. But, how should one decide which lamp would complement their room’s aesthetics?

Here are some factors to help you in finding the perfect living room lamp. Let’s have a look!

Factors to Consider for Finding the Perfect Living Room Lamp

· What Role Will the Lamp Play

Before you get into the measurements or the style of lamp to pick out, you first need to decide upon the role of the lamp. Living room lighting can play either of these two roles;

1. Task lighting

If you want your lamp to provide enough light that you can sit by it with your favorite book, then you’re looking for task lighting. This will require the bottom of your lamp’s shade to be at eye level when sitting, making its total length around 60 inches from the ground.

2. Ambient lighting

If you’re looking to add a soft, accented look to your living room without any harsh beams of life, you’re in for ambient lighting. You will need to pay extra attention when choosing the lampshades. We recommend a semi-translucent material for a delicate strobe of light across your living room.

· Scaling the Living Room

The size of your lamp needs to align with the dimensions of your room. Bringing in a tall floor lamp into a small living room will make it look stuffy and overcrowded. On the other hand, a small corner lamp in an expansive living space can look awkward and out of place.

While finding the perfect living room lamp, consider its scaling and match it with the height of the ceiling. Use a tape measure to work out your ideal height and then see how tall your lamp’s base should be.

· The Right Base Style

The last thing to go over is the style of your lamp’s base. Since these come in various materials and finishing, including wood, marble, brass, etc., you can easily pick out which would look best in your room. You can consider a base style that sits in nicely within the rest of the furniture or go for contrasting textures to make a statement.

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