How to fix the lighting in your bathroom

You may think your living room or bedroom spaces should focus when picking out lighting fixtures, but most often, it is bathroom lighting that people get wrong. It is a common misconception that you need to light up your vanity by installing a big center light, and your job is done. That absolutely ISN’T how things work.

When picking out bathroom lights, remember this is where you will be getting ready and doing your makeup. That’s why you need the perfect light to ensure you don’t leave the house looking like you just raided your secret Cheetos stash.

Here are our top tips on fixing bathroom lights.

Tips on How to Fix the Lighting in Your Bathroom

Follow these tips from lighting experts to beat your bad bathroom lighting.

1. Install Proper Task Lighting

Proper task lighting is the best way to gauge your look before heading off to that family lunch or an important meeting. You should use a pair of sconces installed at eye level on either side of your mirror to provide a continuous stream of shadowless light. This makes the best placement for you to do your makeup, shave, or even floss your teeth.

2. Let in Some Natural Light

Natural sunlight will forever be your best friend when it comes to illuminating any space, but more specifically, your bathroom. That’s because natural light shows you exactly how you look, without any of the colors being exaggerated or washed up.

So, try to place your mirror in a way that natural light hits your face as you get ready in the morning. Draw the curtains and bask in the glory of the morning sun after your shower.

P.S. The natural light will also help you get out of zombie mode and feel more refreshed!

3. Ensure There is Adequate Night Light

Everyone wakes up in the middle of the night for a groggy, half-asleep bathroom run. But, being flooded with harsh white light as soon as you flip the switch can be an absolute nightmare. Not only does it jolt you awake, but it can also make it impossible to fall back asleep.

A better practice is to install 5-watt nightlights that are either left on throughout the night or automatically respond to motion. Using these, you will no longer need to frantically search for the switch before doing your business.

4. Layer them Up

Of course, just one or two sources of lighting should be left to cover your entire bathroom space on their own. It’s way too much responsibility!

Instead, always layer your lights by pairing big and smaller ones together to ensure good lighting. At the very least, have a central, relatively larger form of lighting for your main source and smaller shower or recessed lights to chase away any dark corners or shadowy areas.

This way, you will be able to take that perfect Insta-worthy shot without having to bend at weird angles to catch the light! Talk to us here for more on the best bathroom lights.