Lighting fixture

You’ve probably read all about the many benefits of optimizing your lights and lamps for energy efficiency and long-lasting performance. While saving up on utility bills is great for your monthly budgets, there is another aspect you need to consider for your indoor and outdoor lighting – maintenance and cleanup.

Clean and well-kept lighting lasts for longer and gives you better results for years. Your lamps and bulbs will consume lesser energy if they are maintained at regular intervals and light up your room better than ever. A Lamp and Fixture Corp. specializes in maintaining and repairing all kinds of lighting fixtures, from old lamps to fancy chandeliers, allowing you to make the most of your lighting. We also believe in equipping our customers with the proper knowledge to conduct the regular cleanup.

So, here are some great ways to maintain your lights for the best performance.

Best Ways to Maintain Lighting and Lamps

Avoid High Temperature and Humidity Levels

The working environment of your lighting fixtures plays a significant role in how well they function and their lifespan. Therefore, it is best to ensure that your indoor temperatures aren’t too high and the humidity level is maintained at a moderate setting. This will increase the working time of your lights and allow the electrical components inside to work without consuming extra energy.

Do Group Re-Lamping

Most homeowners haven’t heard of the concept of group re-lamping before and are unaware of just how useful it can be for their indoor lighting.

When maintaining your lighting fixtures, your main aim would be to extend the lamp life. The best way to do this is by replacing or repairing all the lamps at pre-planned intervals, called group re-lamping. Group re-lamping has significant electrical, visual and financial advantages as it prevents random burn-outs, and you won’t be stuck with flickering lights right before the dinner guests arrive!

Clean Every Few Weeks

Cleaning your lamps at home or getting them done professionally from the experts at A Lamp and Fixture Corp. is an essential part of your lighting maintenance efforts. Before cleaning any of the lighting fixtures, be sure to unplug them from the power source and unscrew the articulations so you can access the arms of your lamps better. Take off the bulbs and replace them if needed. Then, use these tips based on the different materials of your lamps for the best results.

Iron or Copper

To clean your iron, copper, or other metal lamps, you will need a slightly acidic solution to cut through grease and dust. A few drops of lemon oil will do the trick perfectly, but you should be careful in wiping and only use gentle motions.


Since brass-based lamps are lacquered to prevent tarnishing, you don’t need to splurge on a special brass cleaner for them. Using a simple, soft cloth to wipe off any dust is enough to bring back that shine to your lamp!


Marble lamps look stunning and chic, but they need regular cleaning to maintain that pristine look. Just use a damp cloth to wipe off any accumulated dust or dirt. Be careful not to scrub or rub too hard on the marble surface as it can cause scratches.

Lacquered Colors

Use a soft damp cloth to wipe off dirt or dust or use a mild dish soap solution and water to clean off any persistent stains or marks. Rinse the cloth and repeat this process a few times for a clean, glossy finish.