Lighting trends

People usually put all of their focus on buying the best-looking, high-quality furniture for their living room. They also consider changing the curtains or adding new rugs and decorative elements when they want to renovate the space up a little. However, more often than not, people forget about just how significant an impact your living room lighting can have on the overall look of your home.

By changing these fixtures and incorporating the latest living room lighting trends into your room, you can completely transform its look. Additionally, new lights from A Lamp and Fixture Corp. will put your furniture into focus and make it look even better than before!

Here are the best living room lighting trends you should look into this season!

The Best Living Room Lighting Trends of this Season

· Oversized Statement Pieces

Place an oversized arched floor lamp or overhead chandelier to create a warm, modern living room with a chic look. Make sure the lighting fixtures have a slim silhouette that amplifies light and diffuses it all around the room. For a more polished look, you should make sure that the lights look just as good when not turned on.

This is quite a versatile style that can be used to create different kinds of looks like mid-century modern or a chic finish.

· Artistic Wall Lights

Are you more into that contemporary, minimalist look? Adding artistic wall lights is the best way to brighten up your living space then! Install a dramatic wall light with some backlighting right above your comfy couch for that perfect flair to invite drama and mystery into your living room. You can also pair this with some low-lighting lamps for an even better feel.


· Some Old with the New

You can bring in an antique vibe to your living room by hanging up a chandelier or a vintage sconce from A Lamp and Fixture Corp. It will add instant character to your living room lighting and give it a period look that charms anyone who enters this space. You can pair this kind of lighting with wooden or straw furniture and bring some polished brass fixtures and decorative pieces for a stunning complete look.

· Colorful Lights

Who doesn’t love a lovely touch of blue or a majestic purple hue in their living room? Colorful lights are a great way to a dramatic atmosphere in your living space while also keeping that comfortable, relaxing feeling alive. You can bring color to the room using some wall sconces of different, complimenting shades. Position them directly over the couch or your seating area for a soft, indirect beam of light that adds so much depth to your room.