Lighting rules for retail stores

The lighting of your retail store is a significant part of your store planning and can actually help you increase sales. Marketers also consider commercial lighting a part of your merchandising strategy, since well-lit stores with balanced lights make your products look welcoming and invite customers to come in and have a closer look.

If you’re looking to improve the lighting in your stores, here are our 3 Holy Grail rules to apply ASAP.

Essential Lighting Rules for Retail Stores

1. Plan Out a Balanced Approach

Retail store owners often make the mistake of installing indiscriminate lighting that showcases certain high-selling products and new launches, while leaving other aisles in the shadows. This may seem like a smart lighting strategy, but it can actually affect your sales negatively.

Balanced lighting is essential for any kind of retail store. It contrasts the variety of products you have arranged in different aisles and allows the customer to focus on each individually. Bright, intense lights in one corner will overwhelm the customer’s eyes and result in them leaving without making any purchases!

Instead, plan out a proper balance by layering your lights well (more on this in the next point!). You can even call up lighting experts from A Lamp and Fixture Corp. to help you out with this. They will inspect your space and evaluate the products before sitting with you to plan out the best ways to light up your store.

2. Layer Your Lighting Properly

Now, we come to the main step for perfect commercial lighting – layering your lights!

Your retail store needs to be illuminated from different light sources, placed artfully to light up your products well while also appearing pleasing to the eye. An excellent way to do this is by using a mixture of ambient, accent, task, and decorative lighting.

You can use an ambient, statement light fixture like a modern chandelier to create a well-lit space. Pair it with some back-lit open cabinets to stock up your customer’s favorites and add chic lights right above the checkout counter for a perfectly balanced and illuminated store.

3. Maintain Consistent Color Temperatures

Consistency is key when you’re working on lighting rules for a retail store. Color temperatures are an important component that should be consistent throughout your store, no matter how big or small the space is. Also known as the tone of the lighting fixtures, you will need to ensure that all your bulbs have the same number of Kelvin.

Here are two rules to remember;

  • The cooler the tone of lighting, the lower the number of Kelvin and vice versa.
  • Warmer color temperatures make consumers less likely to make a purchase.


Reach out to lighting strategists at A Lamp and Fixture Corp. for more guidance on commercial lights.