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The holiday season is coming up and many of us are thinking about what to get friends and family. How about great new lighting for the home? This makes an especially wonderful gift for those who are moving into a new residence in the coming year.

Getting lighting for someone else is not easy. You must think of what will work well in their rooms and what will provide optimal light. However, there are a few pieces that will always be perfect. Here are a few terrific ideas.

Gift Funky LED Bulbs

LED bulbs are the recommended choice when it comes to durability and energy efficiency. The nice thing about them is, they come in a variety of colors. There are even some that come with remote controls that allow you to change their color, dim them and more. They make a great gift as friends and relatives can put them anywhere in their home and they are sure to look wonderful. Check Shades of Lights

Gift Antique Lamps

Antiques are always a precious gift and if they are functional…all the better! If you are shopping for an antique lamp, make sure it is safe and in good working condition. The last thing you want to do is to give someone a headache for the holidays! It’s advisable to look for table lamps that can be put anywhere in the home while shying away from larger fixtures that may be difficult to place and install. Visit us at: A Lamp And Fixture

Gift DIY Lampshade

If you are crafty, you may be able to DIY a lampshade. It’s not easy to make one from scratch, but you can buy a plain one and add elements like fabrics, paint and more. Once you are done, you will have a completely unique gift that will add character to the recipient’s home. Note, this gift is sure to come in handy if you know the person has a need for a lampshade.

And if you’re not crafty, a store-bought lampshade also makes a terrific gift. Be sure to choose one that you know will fit the recipient’s lamp. Find one that suits their personal taste and matches their décor.

Gift Accent Lights

As mentioned earlier in the article, it’s difficult to buy someone a major lighting fixture such as a chandelier unless you know exactly what to buy and understand that they are prepared for the installation. However, there are tons of smaller, accent lights you can purchase that take virtually no installation and will look great in any space. These include desk lights, floor lamps, table lamps, sconces and more.

If you are stumped on what to buy your friends and relatives this holiday season, lighting makes the perfect gift. It is fun, functional and it always comes in handy. Which types and designs will you be gifting your loved ones to ring in the joys of the season?