Lamp Based Lamp Birdbath

Lamps work to illuminate rooms. But they can also be quite beautiful. That’s why many people are reluctant to throw them out, even after their wiring has gone south.

Well, the good news is, you don’t have to discard an old lamp after it starts working. You can repurpose its base to create attractive home décor looks. This article will provide you with inspiration for your recycling projects. Examples of our work

Turn Old Lamp to Patio Planter

For this project, all you need to do is paint your floor lamp base and add a hanging basket to the top. Plant flowers in the basket and stand the unit on your patio to create a welcoming outdoor space.

Turn Old Lamp to Lamp Based Finial

A finial is a distinctive ornament typically found at the apex of a roof on a building or another structure. It can also be placed on tabletops and mantles as attractive home décor. If the lamp base has the right look, you can simply remove the lamp part, paint the base, and place it anywhere in your home you think works best. You may even find the lamp base in a thrift store without the lamp part selling for just a few dollars.

Turn Old Lamp to Cake Serving Plate

You can turn your old lamp into a serving plate by removing the bulb section and wiring and attaching an old China plate to the top. It will create an elegant serving device that elevates your dessert and makes it the star of the table.

Lamp Birdbath

If you love having birds flitting around your yard, a birdbath is the perfect way to attract them. You can make a birdbath from an old lamp by removing the wiring and hardware and attaching a small wood or metal bowl to the top of the base. Fill it with water so the birds can enjoy a cool refreshing drink and bath when they need to rest up for flight.


Old lamps can make elegant candlestick holders. You may be able to find an old lamp at a thrift store for just a couple of bucks, or you may have one at home. Remove the cord and paint but leave the bulb part intact. The right sized candles will fit perfectly into the slots.

Citronella Firepot

A citronella firepot will add ambience to your patio area while keeping the bugs away. To make one, refinish your lamp base according to your preferred aesthetic. Then add a copper bowl to hold the fire and citronella. It will be a terrific addiction to your outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Fountain

Lamp bases can be turned into lovely garden fountains without a lot of effort. A series of glass bowls can be attached at various points on the lamp base and a fountain pump will need to be added as well. Once assembled, it will provide a sense of grandeur and soothing vibe to your home’s exterior.

If you really love your old lamps, don’t throw them out. The tips in this article will allow you to repurpose them in the best ways possible. Which will you be integrating into your home design?