Table Lamp

How to Make Your Own Table Lamp

Lamps are essential and attractive home fixtures that can add a stylish element to the home. They can be purchased at a lamp store, but if you want yours to be truly unique, and affordable, you can make your own. This article will provide all the information you need to get started.

What You’ll Need

Here are the materials you will need to make your lamp:

  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill (if required)
  • Bottle, basket or jar
  • Sands or weights
  • Electric candlestick conversion kit (lamp kit) or socket and cord, threaded hollow rod, plug and brass sheath
  • Lamp harp
  • Lamp shade
  • Light bulb
  • Silicone adhesive (if required)


Here’s what you need to do:

Prepare the Base

Choose a container for the lamp base. A large wine bottle with thick, rippled glass is ideal. Other options to consider include a large jar, a pottery or ceramic jug, a woven wicker basket or a milk can.

The base of the lamp must be weighted. If the base is opaque, you can fill it with sand, brick or lead. If it’s clear, fill it with something attractive like seashells, pebbles or buttons. It should be heavy enough to stay weighted.

The type of base will dictate the kind of lamp kit or electric candlestick conversion kit you should buy.

The Wiring

For easy wiring, buy a kit that plugs into the top opening of the container. You can choose from the standard type or the kerosene lamp type. These will work well with solid containers.

If you are using a non-solid container, such as a wicker basket, you will need to buy the components (socket, cord, plug) separately. You will also need a threaded hollow rod (for higher lamps), a brass sheath to cover it and a lamp harp.

The cord will run through the rod to the bottom of the base container. You’ll have to drill an opening in the bottom for the cord to run through. If you’re using a plug-in lamp kit, weight the base before wiring. Then, follow the manufacturer’s instruction to assemble the wiring post.

The kit will include a variety of rubber stoppers in various sizes. Find the one that best fits the opening of your container. Then thread the nipple of the wiring post or rod into the center of the stopper and tighten it. Screw the brass washer and locknut to the base end of the rod and screw the lamp socket into the other end.

Insert the assembled wiring post into the weighted container with the socket end up. Then push the stopper into place. Once that’s done, the wiring will be complete.

Attach the Lamp Shade

Find a lamp shade that goes well with your lamp base. Then attach the lamp harp to the socket base according to manufacturer’s directions. Remove the locknut at the top of the harp, put the lamp shade in place and replace the locknut. Then screw a light bulb into the socket and plug in the lamp.

If you’re using a wicker basket and a long-threaded rod, start by drilling a hole into the bottom of the basket for the rod and cord. Drill another hole in the basket cover for the rod and cord to pass through if necessary. Make sure the holes you are drilling are large enough to accommodate the rod on the bottom and the rod’s brass sheath on the top.

Assemble the components by threading the plug end of the cord through the rod and pulling it through. Use the provided locking screws to secure the socket at the top of the rod. Slip the brass sheath over the rod to butt into the socket at the top.

Tie a loose knot in the cord near the base. This will reduce stress on the cord. Then set the rod into place in the basket and pull through cord through the bottom of the basket via the opening. Secure it at the bottom with silicone adhesive. Set the basket’s cover over the rod and affix it to the rod with the adhesive.

Weight the base as previously described using a material that won’t sift out of the basket. Clip the plug to the end of the cord according to manufacturer’s directions. Add a lamp harp, shade and bulb to complete your product.

Now that you know how to make a lamp for your room, what unique creations will you be coming up with?