Classic Lamp On Black Wall, Vintage Filtered Image.

When we think of lighting, table lamps, floor lamps and ceiling lamps are typically the first to come to mind. But then there are wall lamps. Also called sconces, these are perfect for adding accents and mood to your room lighting.

If you are considering adding wall lighting to your home, there are a wide variety of styles to choose from. This article will discuss the various options.

Up and Down Light Sconces

As the names suggests, down light sconces are designed to direct the light down while up sconces are designed to direct the light up.

Down lighting provides warmth that’s it’s ideal for intimate settings. It’s also great for lighting a walkway. Up lighting brightens up a room. It also directs light towards the ceiling making the space look larger.

Candle Sconces

Candle sconces are designed to look like candles. There may be one candle or a cluster of candles on the sconce. They have a vintage appeal that makes the perfect complement for traditional décor. However, they tend not to bring a lot of illumination so they may not be best as a primary light source.

Swing Arm Sconces

Swing arm sconces are sconces that are attached to a wall and have an arm that swings out so you can direct the light where you need it. It’s perfect for installing over the bed as you can use it to shine down on reading materials. It is best for providing direct, specific light rather than being the main source of light in a room.

Picture Lights, Wall Washers and Sign Sconces

These types of lights are made to hang over a picture or sign to illuminate what is below them. A picture light is meant to light up one picture while a wall light directs light over the entire wall to highlight a few pieces of art.

Sign sconces are similar to picture lights but are meant to light up a sign rather than a picture. they are often used by business owners in retail settings.


Wallchieres resemble floor lamps, but they are about half the length and made to hang on the wall. They direct light upwards. Unlike other types of wall lights, they emit a good amount of light and could be enough to illuminate an entire room.

Lantern Wall Sconces

Lantern wall sconces are designed to look like lanterns that were used before electricity was invented. Their vintage style makes them ideal for traditional décor, but they can be used in any style home. They are perfect for both outdoor and indoor settings.

A wall light is a great way to add accents to a room and there are so many terrific styles to choose from. Which will you be adding when you decide to go for a lighting update? Talk to us here.