Electrician Installs Chandelier On The Ceiling. Hands Of Worker In White Gloves Perform Work With Electricity In House.

Chandeliers are beautiful lighting fixtures that are very much in style right now. But have you ever thought of what would happen if the chandelier fell out of the ceiling? It could damage the ceiling itself as well as anything below it including furnishings and people. That’s quite an expensive accident.

There are many factors that can make a chandelier more likely to fall including the manufacturing, the installation, and the way the fixture is handled. This article will look at the risks involved so you can ensure your chandelier is safe.

The Manufacturing about Safe chandeliers

There have been cases where certain lamps have been known to fall due to poor manufacturing. For example, the Sea Gull brand’s chandeliers were recalled after multiple reports of them breaking away from the ceiling mount causing hazards to bystanders. Apparently, this was caused by the screw collars that hold the chandeliers breaking and falling.

There has since been a recall on the chandeliers, but it’s scary to think that people have had them installed in their home unaware.

With this in mind, it’s important to purchase your chandelier from a brand you can trust. If you are buying a secondhand chandelier, make sure all the pieces are secure and undamaged.

Install chandeliers safely

It’s also important to take the right steps when installing your chandelier to ensure will stay in place. Here are some tips that will help to that end.

  • Make sure the mounting location can support the weight of the chandelier.
  • See to it that the electrical box is secure and properly mounted.
  • The cross bar, pipe and screw collar of the mounting hardware should be secured with a locknut fitted against the screw bar and screw collar.
  • The cross bar should be securely mounted in the electrical box with long screws.
  • Make sure the top loop of the chandelier is secure and tight. The loop that attaches to the chain is what’s holding the fixture.
  • Make sure the chain you are using is heavy and solid with a split on the side, not the bottom.

Maintenance and Handling

It should go without saying that you should never spin a chandelier on a chain or even turn it, but this is the number one reason why chandeliers fall. This activity will loosen the locknut that holds the chandelier in place.

You must also be careful when cleaning the chandelier. If you look on the internet, you will find steps to clean your chandelier properly. Be sure to pay close attention to the proper processes to ensure no damage occurs while you maintain your lighting.

A chandelier is a lovely fixture. Taking the right steps during care and installation will ensure it does not end up causing an accident. What do you do to keep your lighting safe? Talk to us here.