Counter Top Lights In Kitchen

Undercabinet lighting is a type of lighting that’s installed under hanging cabinets. It is ideal for illuminating the area below it. For example, you may hang undercabinet lighting under the cabinets that hang above the sink or counters in your kitchen so you can better see what you are doing when you are washing dishes or preparing food.

There are different types of undercabinet lighting and it’s important to get familiar with them and their functions so you can make a smart purchasing decision. Here are some things to be aware of.

What are the Different Types of Undercabinet Lighting?

There are three basic types of undercabinet lighting. These are as follows:

Light Bars: Light bars are thin bars of light that are installed under the cabinet. They have a sleek look and provide uniform lighting. You can link them to your kitchen lighting system so they will operate on one main switch.

Puck Lights: Puck lights are round lights that somewhat resemble a hockey puck. They can be installed alone or in groups of three or four. They provide a more focused light than their light bar counterparts.

Tape Lights: This is an illuminated tape that can be adhered to the underside of cabinets. It is affordable and easy to install.

What to Think About When Installing Undercabinet Lighting

Here are some factors to consider when installing undercabinet lighting.

Size and Placement: Choose a type of lighting that will be shallow enough to stay hidden under the cabinet. You can also keep lighting discreet by choosing a finish that resembles your cabinets. Light bars should closely match the width of your cabinets. If you are installing puck lights, place them 8-12” apart for even light distribution.

Power Source: You must consider whether you want plug in or direct wiring. Plug in undercabinet lights will be easy to install. Just place them and plug them in. Direct wired lighting is hardwired to your home and allows all your lights to be operated on a single switch. You will need to hire a professional electrician if you go the direct wire route.

Light Source: Another thing to consider is the type of lighting you will use. Fluorescent, xenon, halogen, and LED are popular options. LED may be the best choice as it is energy efficient, long lasting and it emits very little heat when it’s turned on. It also comes in a wide variety of color temperatures.

Extra Features: You may also consider adding extra features to your kitchen lighting such as dimmers and a remote control. If you are thinking of installing undercabinet lights in an outdoor workspace or kitchen area, make sure they are rated for indoor and outdoor use.

Undercabinet lights are a great addition to a room. They are ideal for illuminating the areas underneath them. Now that you know the various design options, you can determine which is best suited to your needs. Which will be the one that’s right for you?
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