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If you are thinking of updating the rooms in your home, the right lighting is essential. It’s not just about the style. The lighting you use can change the aesthetic of the room in ways you may not have even considered. This article will discuss lighting and the effect is has on interior design.

Color Management

The colors you use in your rooms make a big difference in your home’s aesthetic. The lighting changes the way colors appear. Here’s how it works:

  • Incandescent Lighting: Incandescent lights add yellow and amber tones that intensify warm colors like red, yellow, and orange and dull cool colors like blue and green.
  • Fluorescent Lighting: Fluorescent lights have a cool, blue tint that enhances cool colors like blue and green.
  • Halogen Lighting: Halogen bulbs come the closest to natural light and will be the best choice for showing colors as they truly are.

Be sure to choose the lighting that’s most complementary to your paint colors.

Size of the room and lighting

Rooms that are dark look cramped while well lit ones will look more spacious. If you want your home to look larger, use lighting in the center of the home. If it is not enough to illuminate the entire space, use accent lighting in the corners to ensure it is evenly lit throughout.


Lights will add a style element to the room. If you are going for an industrial vibe, opt for track lighting and exposed fixtures. If your style is elegant or boho chic, you may choose lighting with rich colors and textures.

Directional Lighting

Directional lighting can be used to highlight certain features of the home. For example, you may use a spotlight to point to pieces of art on your wall. You can get even more elaborate by working with layers to guide the viewer along allowing your interior design to tell a story.


Lighting will add to the atmosphere in the home. You can use muted lighting to create an intimate, relaxing vibe or turn up the lighting in office spaces to improve focus and productivity.


Functionality must be considered in the placement of the lighting. Fixtures must be placed in such a way that they add the right amount of illumination in desired areas.


The features of the fixtures must also be considered. For instance, you may choose dimmable lighting in areas like dining rooms that require different moods based on the occasion. Smart lighting options are another thing to think about.

Lighting plays a key role in interior design. Now that you know the effects it can produce, you will have a better idea of how to integrate it in your living areas. How will you be using light to take your remodel up a notch?
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