Stylish Interior With Wooden Stairs

Stairways are a functional part of any multi-story home. They also provide design inspiration. Their angular setup is perfect for all types of lighting and decorative accents. When it comes to lighting, there are so many directions to take it in. You can light the tops of the stairs, the sides of the stairs…even under the stairs. This article will review the options that are out there so you can decide on the scheme that’s right for you.

Linear Step Lights for Stairway

This involves a thin strip of LEDs to be installed into the wall by the side of the stairs. It results in a soft light emanating from the stairs that provides illumination where it is needed most.

Illuminated Handrails for Stairway

Small lights can be installed into glass and cable handrails, or they can complement wooden rails. When used indoors, they provide a lovely artistic look. When used outdoors, around decks, stairs, and porches, they are as attractive as they are practical.

Treadlights for Stairway

Treadlights are among the most aesthetically pleasing stair-lighting designs, but they are also among the most difficult to install. The lights are typically installed into the nosing of the stair making each one a sculptural focal point.

Floating stairs and treadlights make an ideal combination as the strips can be installed into the underside of the stairs to cast the light below them. If done correctly, it can reflect a pattern onto the wall adding to its artistic quality.

Wall Lighting for Stairway

Wall lighting involves the installation of sconces that can be placed above or below the handrail. If installed below the handrail, it will illuminate the stairs as well as the wall. Lighting above the handrail will disperse illumination above the stairs bathing them in a soft glow.

Illuminated Newels

Illuminated newel posts can be installed vertically at points along a banister. They add a terrific rustic look. They can be integrated in indoor and outdoor lighting.

Step Lights

Another way to put the focus on the steps themselves is to install small lights low on the wall to the side of the stairs. In addition to providing a fun, modern look, the lights can be kept on overnight so people can easily make it up or down in the darkness.


This emerging trend requires you to install lighting directly into the step. It works well with thin cut wood veneer materials. It’s another way to illuminate stairs at night and it adds a stylish appeal.

Hidden Lights

Hidden lights will work well with a floating stair design. The lights are placed to the side of the stairs facing the wall to leak out from behind. It accentuates the shape of the stairs. However, it’s not the most functional design and additional lights may be needed to ensure safety.

If you have stairs in your home, the right lighting will bring them to life. The ideas in this article will inspire you to bring some pizzazz to your multi-story interior. Which will you be trying out the next time you redecorate?

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