Restaurant Lights

Restaurant LightsThe lighting you use in your restaurant can greatly affect your business’s success. It can add just the right amount of ambiance setting the mood throughout the establishment. If it produces the desired vibe, your establishment will become a well-loved part of the community. If not, it could be somewhat catastrophic!

So how can you be sure you get the right lighting for your restaurant? Here are a few tips.

Get the Mood Right

The type of lighting you choose for your restaurant will depend on the type of business you are. For example, if you are offer casual, family-friendly dining, you will want the place to look bright and cheery. If your business is low-key and upscale, opt for a low-lighting setting that’s more atmospheric.

Dimming Effects are a Must

Consider that your lighting may vary depending on the time of day. At breakfast, you may want the restaurant to have a bright, wake-me-up effect. When it gets close to dinnertime, dim the lights to add ambiance. A dimmer will help you select the perfect amount of light.

Keep Functionality in Mind

Lighting is largely atmospheric, but it’s also functional. So, if you are going for a dim light in the dining room, you won’t want to make it so dark that people can’t see their food and read their menus. You should also have brighter lights in the kitchen as well as a setting for bright lights in the dining room that can be turned on for cleaning.

Stay within a Theme

Mixing and matching lighting can be a fun way to decorate. But you won’t want to get to erratic with the styles you choose. You may opt for a vintage look, a fun and modern look and so on. Once you find the one that’s best for you, continue integrating it throughout the facility.

Consider Glare

Reflective surfaces in your restaurant will allow light to bounce off them making the space look brighter and larger. However, the effect can also create glare that may annoy some customers. Consider where the light is bouncing to if there are reflective surfaces in your space.

Add Drama

You can make the lighting in your restaurant more dramatic by backlighting the bar, up lighting statement art pieces and using LEDs to added interest to shelves. Get creative with your lighting to determine the effects it will add to your space.

Lighting a restaurant is important business. A Light and Fixture can help you find the lighting that’s right for your establishment. Then work with one of our recommended designers to take it to the next level.

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