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Want to change the style of your home without spending a fortune? Then all you need are some new lamp shades! Lamp shades are an easy and inexpensive way to completely change the look and feel of any room. Here’s everything you need to know about picking the perfect lamp shade for your home.


The Different Styles of Lamp Shades

Not all lamp shades are created equal! There are actually many different styles of lamp shades to choose from, each with its own unique look and feel. Here are some of the most popular styles of lamp shades:


Drum shades are long and cylindrical, and they have a clean, modern look. They’re a great choice for rooms with a minimalist aesthetic.


Bell shades are shaped like—you guessed it—a bell! They tend to be softer and more romantic than other styles of lamp shades. Bell shades are a great choice for bedrooms and living rooms.


Empire shades are tall and dramatic, with an empire shaped top and a straight bottom edge. They make a bold statement in any room and they work well with both traditional and modern decor.


What Types of Materials Are Lamp Shades Available In?

Lamp shades can be made out of all sorts of different materials, including cloth, paper, metal, glass, and more. The type of material you choose will depend on both your personal preference and the overall style of your home. For example, cloth or fabric lampshades tend to have a softer, more romantic look, while metal lampshades have a more modern feel.  How to Pick the Right Lamp Shade for your Style?  Now that you know all about the different styles and materials available for lampshades, it’s time to pick the perfect one for your home! Here are a few tips:

Matching Lampshades With Your Style

First, take into account the overall style of your home. If you have a modern home, then you’ll want to find a lamp shade that fits with that aesthetic. On the other hand, if your home is more traditional, then you’ll want to find a lamp shade that complements that style. Second, think about the mood you want to create in each room. Do you want a warm and inviting feeling in your living room? Then go with a softer shade like bell or empire. Do you want something more dramatic in your office? Then go with a drum shade. And finally, don’t forget about function! Make sure that whatever type of shade you choose is actually going to provide enough light for the room it’s in. Generally speaking, lighter colors will reflect light better than darker colors.


Changing the style of your home is as easy as changing out your old lamp shades for new ones! Just keep these tips in mind when picking out the perfect shade for each room in your house: first consider the style of your home as well as the mood you want to create in each space, then choose accordingly from among the many different styles and materials available.


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