Shipping A Lamp

Whether you’re moving to a new city, relocating for your job, or just excitedly planning your next big trip, relocating your possessions is probably one of the most stressful parts of any transition. Everything from furniture to clothing and even appliances need to be moved with care in order to avoid damage or breaking during the process. Boxed-up objects that are not properly packed can also easily break during shipping – which can be especially problematical for delicate pieces of furniture such as lamps. Read on for some helpful packing tips and tricks for safely shipping a lamp.


Wrap Your Lamp in Protective Materials

Packing your lamp in layers of foam and/or bubble wrap will ensure that it is cushioned and protected during transit. Foam can help absorb impact shocks, while bubble wrap can be used to cushion and cushion, or as a barrier between the lamp and other objects inside the box. If you’re shipping the lamp with its shade on it, you can wrap the shade separately in layers of bubble wrap, paper towels, or other protective materials. If the lamp and shade don’t come with a protective covering, you can always use a piece of fabric to cover the shade and lamp.


Make sure your lamp is packed securely

If your lamp is made of glass, make sure it is securely packed in its own box. This will prevent breakage, as well as protect the lamp from damage by other materials inside the box. If your lamp is made of plastic, it should be packed in a sturdy wooden box. While most plastic lamps are quite durable, you don’t want to take any chances – especially if the lamp is breakable. Packing your lamp in bubble wrap and then putting it in a sturdy box will help it get to its destination without damage. It will also ensure that the lamp can’t move around inside the box, which could cause it to break.


Use reinforced packing materials when possible

If your lamp or other items are fragile, you should use reinforced packing materials such as corrugated boxes, packing peanuts, or industrial strength bubble wrap. This type of packaging is usually much stronger than standard packaging materials, and reinforced materials can be used to cushion delicate items, protect them from damage, and provide cushioning during transit.


Don’t skimp on the box

Your lamp may be packed in a lightweight box, but this doesn’t mean you should skimp on the box itself. A sturdy box is essential for safely transporting a lamp, and it should be made of cardboard and/or thick cardboard. Ordinary cardboard boxes are typically not strong enough to safely contain breakable objects such as a lamp. Using a sturdy cardboard box that is large enough to hold the lamp and its accessories without crushing it is also important. It should have enough space near the top of the box for air to circulate so that the lamp doesn’t become too hot.


Ship using a service that knows how to handle fragile goods

When it comes to safely shipping your delicate items, you don’t want to take a chance with an inexperienced freight company. It’s best to use a freight company that specializes in handling fragile goods. A good freight company will know how to pack and ship fragile items without damaging them. They will also know how to properly handle customs and import duties. You can find reputable freight companies by checking online freight quote services or by asking around, and then getting a quote from the one that seems most affordable.


Bottom line

There are many challenges when it comes to shipping fragile items, especially delicate lamps. However, it is possible to ship them safely, especially if you follow some of the best practices listed above. All in all, your aim should be to ship your items as safely and securely as possible. When it comes to shipping a lamp, there are a few things you can do to make sure that it reaches its destination safely. First of all, make sure that your lamp is well protected. Wrap it in layers of foam and/or bubble wrap to cushion it from any potential damage during transit. Next, ensure that your box is sturdy and that it is large enough to accommodate your lamp without crushing it. Last but not least, make sure that your lamp is packed securely and that it is shipped using a service that knows how to handle fragile goods.


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