So coming to a lamp and fixture, you'll know what you're getting. You get what you pay for. So we Read more
I would say do your homework, know what you're working on, and just be very careful with how you're doing Read more
That is one of those things I've learned from my father. He's seen a lot and he's worked with very Read more
That's a great question. We get that asked often. We try to keep the natural patina of a lamp or Read more
That's a great question. I'll oftentimes believe it or not, I'll ask my father Paul, who has got a wealth Read more
 I would say the challenging ones that we get are fixtures that, come in from Europe. Europe is very Read more
The sources have changed throughout the years, like most people have had dealt with in their own businesses and companies. Read more
It's hard to determine the the cost of a lamp. Other than knowing of where to look and how to Read more
The process of restoration, that's a big question that we get asked a lot of times. When re when people Read more
It wasn't on my plan. Starting off I went to school for exercise science and I wanted to be a Read more