How to Choose a Lamp for Your Study Space

Study Desk And Lamp

Whether you are studying, working, reading, or writing from home, you need a designated workstation with a study desk lamp that provides clear and bright light. Working for extended hours under dim light can strain your eyes and make you less productive. This blog will discuss five things

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How Do I Know if a Vintage Electric Lamp is Safe?

Vintage Electric Lamp

There you are shopping in your favorite thrift store looking for great vintage items. A lamp catches your eye. It is attractive and the wiring looks safe and relatively new. You take it home and use it, and as soon as you plug it in and turn

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The Importance of Checking the Wiring on a Lamp or Fixture

The Importance of Checking the Wiring on a Lamp or Fixture Antique lamps and fixtures are valuable pieces that can add beauty to a home. But one thing you must be aware of is, even if the lamp looks like it’s in great condition, the wiring may

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Do I DIY a Rewire or Not

Do I DIY a Rewire or Not Antique lamps are lovely items, but they are not always easy to maintain.  Over time, you may have any number of issues. You may be introducing a new bulb to the lamp and find the lamp is not equipped for

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